Book Review – Asunder: A Vatan Chronicle (The King’s Renegade Book 1) by L. Steinworth

This book has an action scene right out of the gate, which I like. There are several threads of story lines pulling the reader in several directions. Many of the things you expect to happen don’t. Similar to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series there are several main characters, but Steinworth doesn’t bore you with details conversed over tea. Though, they do share a cup of tea once in a while, they don’t talk about the weather. Instead they are out in it. I’ll admit that I was bummed that there wasn’t any magic in the book, but some of the fantasy creatures in it made up for it in droves. I’ll be honest. There are a few tweaks that I think she can make here or there, but I truly see her growing into a marvelous author that the world should sit up and take notice of. Fair warning, the book does have some blood and a few romps, but the characters come alive on the page and the plot line is interesting.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

If you’d like to find out more about Asunder by L. Steinworth click the link on the title or the cover below.


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