Book Review – Death Cursed (Bitter Ashes Book 1) by Sara C Roethle

The first chapter of Death Cursed by Sara C. Roethle sucks you in kicking and screaming. There were a few times I glanced back at the book to reference something and didn’t get back out of the book until a few chapters later. Once things seem to settle down, it is pretty hard to wrap your head around what is going on, though. At times I felt that the main character was so confused she didn’t even know what she thought she should do, which kind of bothered me. I’d dock the author for that, but then again the early situations happening to her are pretty intense and could very well have caused enough trauma to Madeline to put her out of sorts. Still, I felt like the author could have thrown me more of a bone with the main character’s thoughts before she took some of the actions she did take. If there is no possible way of escape because “magic”, why would you still try to escape without the use of “magic”? I won’t say more because I really don’t like to give spoilers. In any case, the book is still very good at pulling you into a crazy and different world from our own.
5 out of 5 stars.
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